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It doesn’t really much matter where I go. I suppose, though I do have my favorite geographic locals. I also have my favorite areas, what could be referred to as, cerebral travel: that travel done through books, media and converstaion.

This blog is about the serendipitous findings that occur when a purposeful search takes an unexpected turn. But, why should you care?

Just, why should you continue to read… ?

I rather think the pleasure of destination, comes more from the going, than the arrival.

When I – and I’ll assume you as well – am in the act of going, I find myself moving between a multitude of points.  Points that form circles, lines and mobius curves, around, through and infinitely intertwined with all other elements of the journey. Points, where some have measurable physical locations and others, more like a presence, in the depths of memory and sensory stimulation.

When traveling across the landscape of the earth, there are those points which will translate into geographic locals. Such points render into data-specific terminologies like, Longitude/Latitude (LAT/LON) or the Univerisal Transverse Mercator Grid (UTM) of registration points.

However, if your scape of traverse is more academic, even cerebral, then translation will most likely be based upon a topic or a group of topics.

Imagine you’re reading an engrossing book. In the midst of enjoying the book, you find yourself being swept along, through a tightly calandered timeline, upon which a repleate canvas is revealed, containing the intermingled lives of characters and events created through a multitude of chance encounters.

In other words, a good read made possible by chance encounters.

Such chance encounters are my most favorite, unintended and unexpected journey outcomes. The chance encounter happens in the physical – geographic – travels as well as the more academic pursuits of mental journeying. For me it is this act of chance that adds both the thrill and the value to all of my travels; online or in the real-world.

Several years ago I encountered a quote by Louis Pasteur, the genius behind the development of the pasteurization process. Through that quote, Pasteur reveals the remarkable asset he realized, in which chance played heavily in his life.

“In the field of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind.”,

I began to wonder what affect chance plays in our everyday life; not just in the ‘field of observation’ as stated by Pasteur. And to what level of preparedness does the mind need to attain, to best advantage the chance. Or, is the preparedness as much chance as the encounter themselves ?

I began an observation regime of taking notes, conducting surveys and venturing into random excursions where daily chance encounters were not only possible, but the accepted norm.

Much to my liking I found the effort to be interesting, as well as engaging and energizing. It was amazing to see how much chance plays in our daily success or failures. Even more interesting was the part played by preparation.

Eyes wide open, ready and eager. A camera records no image with the lens cap on. We do not see with our eyes closed … unless, we are prepared to do so. Preparation is the key to seeing; on all levels. Serendipitous encounters provide a full visual experience when viewed through the lens of proper preparation.

Since I spend so much time online, I naturally began wondering about the presence of chance in our wandering along the Information Highway. That curiosity has led me here.

You will be reading the result of 3 years of online observation. Amid a myriad of tours and detours, all in the name of serendipity and ‘the wonder factor’ of what lies beyond the next ripple, you will witness the power of serendipity; especially for technology.

Thus, this blog was conceived, prepared, delivered and named:  Beyond The Ripples (BTR)

Beyond The Ripples is about the serendipitous findings that occur when a purposeful search takes an unexpected turn. We believe you should care because such serendipituous encounters will be beneficial to you. Yes benefit – if and only if – you are properly prepared. BTR is your tool for becoming prepared. Call it a training session. Call it preparedness awareness. Call it whatever you will … but just remember to call it…  Beyond The Ripples.

We certainly hope you find BTR interesting. And if I don’t mess-up the punch line, you may even find the posts informative and worth your time.

When you read BTR, please take the time to let us know what you think. We ask that you register, in order to comment and recieve updates. The registration is so we can alleviate the bot-SPAM replies. Remember to subscribe to the RSS feed to recieve immediate updates.

Enjoy your journey into Serendiptious Encounters.  These chance encounters exist everywhere, each day. When we are prepared, chance quickly turns into opportunity and opportunity brings success.


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